We improve our products frequently. Here you can find detailed information about the updates.

The latest version of our E-Banking includes an improved display for releasing payments in Online Banking. The Mobile Banking app is also new – even more user-friendly, with enhanced functionality and visual improvements.

When releasing a payment in Online Banking, the payment release mosaic is now displayed with the corresponding payments on the screen. In addition to visual improvements to the login page and the landing page, the newest version of Mobile Banking includes functional changes as well.

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The latest version of our Online Banking service offers a recovery code, which enables you to log in again even if you've forgotten your password. Push notifications can now be conveniently set up in Mobile Banking.

With the new Online Banking version you can use the recovery code to reset your password and securely unlock your Online Banking account. Push notifications can now be set up conveniently in the Push Centre of your Mobile Banking. Several additional minor improvements and bug fixes increase the stability and user friendliness of our Online and Mobile Banking applications.

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The latest version of our E-Banking: with recovery code, and central notification management.

Using the recovery code, you can reset your password yourself or activate your new device even if your old device is no longer available. You now have convenient and centralised access for viewing and editing notifications.

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Our latest E-Banking version lets users define a limit on the amount of payments that can be released with PhotoTAN, and it improves user-friendliness in several ways. We have also adjusted the name and icon of the LLB Mobile Banking app.

In E-Banking, the user can now define a limit on the amounts that can be released for payment. The name and icon of the LLB Mobile Banking app have changed. Other new features include a table view for standing orders awaiting release, an e-mail / text message notification for payments to be released, an option for saving individual payments, and an option for deleting payees from the database directly when entering payments.

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With the new E-Banking version, we are expanding the Self-Service item and are implementing the regulatory requirements relating to cost transparency

The new E-Banking release adds expanded functions to the Self-Service item. Users can now open accounts and custody accounts themselves. A new activation letter can now also be ordered very conveniently. More information is displayed in a clearer way. The release also makes it easier and more convenient to enter standing orders. Under the EU MiFID II Directive, we are implementing cost transparency for stock exchange purchases. Finally, the new E-Banking release also creates the prerequisites for the new foreign exchange (forex) trading function.

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