Invoice your receivables easily

For incoming payments, we make it easy and straightforward for you to invoice your receivables.

Other payment slips

You can order preprinted slips free of charge.

The red payment slip – with entry fields on the top right – can be used for invoicing without any additional accounting or IT effort. Thanks to e-banking or a credit voucher, you have a clear and transparent overview of all the data. Orange payment slips (BESR) have preprinted reference numbers. The reference number lets you identify the payer easily and conveniently with e-banking. If you like, the LLB can preprint payment slips for you with sequential invoice numbers.

If you want to send invoices in foreign currencies to recipients domestically or abroad, use our IPI (International Payment Instruction) voucher. The IPI voucher already includes the reference number, originator data, and the IBAN. IPI vouchers can be ordered from your client advisor or our Advisory Centre at +423 236 88 11.

For payment transactions by cheque, we make correspondent cheque forms available, issue bank cheques, or take care of cheque collection.