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LLB Online Banking

With LLB Online Banking, you have round-the-clock access to your bank account and portfolio – from wherever you have access to the internet, and independently of bank opening hours.



Customise your Online Banking and put the most important information on your start page. The first few widgets are already available and can be supplemented and changed as you like.

The Dashboard already gives you direct access to:

  • Your digital documents (notifications)
  • Important news (bank communications)
  • The template for entering a new payment
  • Contact information for getting in touch with us

Asset information

With LLB Online Banking, you always know everything that's happening with your accounts and portfolios. You can access your accounts and take advantage of many other services.

  • Overview of assets with account balances
  • Booking details
  • Balance preview including details
  • Search and filter
  • Portfolio positions with valuation and value changes

Payment transactions

With LLB Online Banking, you can make payments quickly and at any time. You save not only time but also money. Take advantage of the many options for making your payments.

  • Enter payments more quickly with the intelligent payment assistant
  • Lower fees for payments in foreign currencies – both payments abroad and securities orders
  • Convenient entry of payment slips with a Reader PayPen scanner. You can order the Reader PayPen II online from Crealogix.

Deadlines for electronic payment orders: Payment orders must be received by 4.30 p.m. at the latest if they are to be executed the same day.


Interfaces for business clients

  • Convenient import of payments from offline bookkeeping programs
  • National standards: transmit electronic payment orders in DTA format, receive ISR and LSV credit memo data, download MT571 and MT940 (CAMT)
  • European standards: exchange payment orders and account information via the EBICS interface

Your direct line to the market

With LLB Online Banking, you can trade directly on the market. You can track market prices and execute your securities trades quickly and conveniently. You can also keep up to date with the latest news on the financial markets.

  • Simple buying and selling of equities, bonds, funds, and warrants
  • Access to the latest market data (with real-time quotes on Swiss markets)
  • Graphical representation of your securities
  • Portfolio notifications by text message or e-mail
  • Lower fees for securities orders

Trading with standardised options and futures is not possible with LLB Online Banking.



In order to have the best experience with LLB Online Banking we recommend to use the latest version of your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge).

Your LLB Online Banking access is protected in the best possible way from third-party access thanks to three security levels:

  • username
  • personal password
  • PhotoTAN app

More information on security can be found in our FAQs. General information on the secure use of e-banking is available from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.