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    Efficient signing gives you more freedom

Sign forms in the digital environment without media discontinuity

You can now sign your forms digitally. Sign your PDF documents faster and more conveniently using a qualified electronic signature.

A digital signature validates the trustworthiness of information. We work together with a qualified trusted service provider for that purpose. As soon as you activate the option, you can use your electronic signature to conveniently sign your documents – without media discontinuity or printouts. And then you can send the documents by e-mail or Online Banking.

For security reasons, documents can no longer be changed once they have been digitally signed. 

Digital signatures offer you many benefits

  • More convenience in the delivery of documents
  • No media discontinuity, thanks to purely electronic processing
  • Highest security standards
  • Efficient processing thanks to automated verification
  • Environmentally friendly, efficient process using paperless forms

By the way: You can also use this service without the form centre. Ask your personal client advisor and take advantage of digital signatures.