Facts, figures and our rating at a glance

We have a balanced, client-focused business model. We are a bank that consistently upholds its values and distinguishes itself with technological innovations.

In 2015, we have set ourselves ambitious goals for the next five years with the StepUp2020 strategy. We are now on the home stretch. Our Group is growing profitably on a sustained basis. Through broad diversification and targeted acquisitions, we have been able to significantly improve our profitability and earnings quality.

We have therefore dedicated our Annual Report 2019 to our core element "profitability", which, along with "innovation", "excellence" and "growth", forms the cornerstones of our strategy StepUp2020. Over the past four years, we have made significant progress in all these areas. In the final year of the strategy period, our focus will remain on strict cost management. Our goal is to further increase profitability on a sustainable basis.


Here you can find our current annual and interim financial reports at a glance. These reports and older annual reports can also be found at any time in the downloadcenter.

Interim financial statement 2020

Business result 2019

Interim financial statement 2019

Business result 2018

Interim financial statement 2018

Business result 2017

Interim financial statement 2017

Business result 2016

Interim financial statement 2016

Regulatory Disclosure report (available in German only)


The Liechtensteinische Landesbank stands for excellent credit quality – already for more than 150 years. The LLB is rated by the Moody's rating agency as follows:

  • Bank deposit rating: Aa2
  • Issuer rating: Aa3
  • Counterparty risk rating: Aa1
  • Outlook: Stable

According to Moody's, the following points are especially decisive for the LLB's positive rating:

  • the stable market environment in Switzerland and Liechtenstein,
  • the solid fundamental financial data,
  • the good liquidity and refinancing situation,
  • the stable ownership structure (at least 51% owned by the Principality of Liechtenstein).    

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