LLB Group wins three Lipper Awards for its investment expertise

Vaduz, 7 February 2018. At this year's presentation of the renowned Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards in Zurich, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) won three awards for outstanding fund management: as the best Overall Small Company and the best Bond Small Company over three years as well as for the five-year performance of its LLB Equities Dividend Pearls Global (CHF) fund.

Lipper Fund Awards 2018

Presentation of 2018 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards

The greatest accolade for an asset manager such as the LLB Group is to be the best in its category across all major asset classes, i.e. bonds, equities, and strategy funds. The LLB Group was recognised accordingly at this year's Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards. The LLB Group also won in the best Bond Small Company category. The fact that the bank's asset management also offers excellent equity management is demonstrated by the LLB Equities Dividend Pearls Global (CHF) fund, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the beginning of March. The fund received the award in the Equity Global Income class for its performance over the last five years.

"In recent years, we have received many awards in different countries for our funds. In addition to individual equity and bond funds, our strategy funds in particular have also achieved top rankings, which demonstrates the LLB's expertise as an asset manager especially well. Now we are extremely pleased to be honoured as winners in the top categories of Overall Small Company and Bonds Small Company for all funds authorised in Switzerland," says Markus Wiedemann, Chief Investment Officer of the LLB Group. "In this way, the LLB has shown once again that it creates sustainable added value for its clients through systematic investment processes."

For more than three decades and in over 20 countries worldwide, the Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards have been the most important recognition in the fund industry honouring consistently strong risk-adjusted performance by the best of the best. The awards were handed out on 6 February 2018 at Thomson Reuters Lipper Switzerland 2018 Fund Awards in Zurich.

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