Watch out for e-banking scams

Warning by the Liechtenstein National Police

The Liechtenstein National Police and media are warning of e-banking scams. Two scams are currently common.

  • In the first scam, a postal package is announced by telephone or in person, followed by an email with a link to obtain the shipment number. When the link is clicked, malware is installed on the user's computer, giving the scammers access to banking data and Online Banking. An example of unusual behaviour is when the login all of a sudden does not work and the user is asked to provide personal data.
  • Another scam involves the scammer claiming to be a police officer on the telephone and asking the user to check whether they have become the victim of an e-banking scam. The perpetrator then again tries to obtain personal data from the user.

The Liechtensteinische Landesbank would like to remind its clients to be especially careful during the Advent season and to immediately report any unusual occurrences to the police and the bank.

At the same time, the bank would like to remind you that it never asks for the following data by email or telephone:

  • Activation letters
  • PhotoTAN (mosaic)
  • User identification
  • Passwords
  • Account numbers

If you receive a call asking for your

  • user identification or
  • account numbers

make sure it is actually the bank contacting you. If you have any doubts, hang up and call the bank back.

Information by the National Police: