Investing sustainably – LLB delivers convincing performance in Fuchsbriefe test

Vaduz, 16 November 2020. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) achieved a top score in the independent comparison conducted by the Fuchs | Richter testing body. The LLB placed fourth overall in the "TOPs 2021" ranking. The focus of this year's test was on sustainability. The LLB leaped ahead again in the all-time ranking: It is now ranked third and is thus considered one of the best private banking providers in German-speaking Europe.

The Fuchsbriefe test assesses asset managers and banks in German-speaking Europe according to the criteria of advisory consultation, asset strategy, portfolio quality, and transparency – on the basis of anonymously conducted advisory consultations. The most recent test examined how banks and asset managers advise clients who make the conscious decision to invest sustainably. Specifically, one million in liquid assets are to be invested and managed over a period of ten years, taking into account explicit sustainability criteria.

In summary, the testers found the LLB's services to be "very good". The testers considered the LLB's sustainability expertise to be extraordinarily strong. In particular, they emphasised the excellent and "in-depth" advisory performance, where LLB achieved the highest score – and also the very good service performance and transparency in regard to sustainability. The testing body awarded its "first class" score to the investment proposal itself.

Gabriel Brenna, Head of Private Banking and Member of the Board of Management of the LLB Group, is pleased with these assessments: "The LLB is pursuing a sustainable investment approach, taking into account the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. It is important for us to integrate environmental, social, and governance issues – the ESG criteria – into our investment strategies and to implement individual client concerns professionally. We are very pleased with the independent test results, which confirm the path we are pursuing in sustainable investing."

The Fuchsbriefe test has two parts: In this year's test, the first part looked at advisory consultations offered by a total of 76 banks and private asset managers in German-speaking Europe. Of those, only 16 qualified for the second part, which evaluated the investment proposal and portfolio quality. The LLB achieved fourth place in the "TOPs 2021" ranking. The LLB's excellent performance in the "TOPs 2021" means that the LLB is now in third place overall in the all-time ranking of the best providers since 1992.

The Private Banking Summit, at which the Fuchs | Richter testing body presented the awards to this year's winner, took place on the afternoon of Monday, 16 November 2020, as an online event.

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