Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2017 for LLB and Bank Linth

Vaduz, 25 August 2017. After this year's presentation of the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employee Award), the LLB Group belongs to the top 10 employers in the category of Medium-Size Companies of up to 999 employees in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The appraisal is based on the largest employee survey in both countries.

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2017

LLB Group among top 10 companies

The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) and Bank Linth are top 10 employers in their category. With a record participation of 87% of employees in the 2017 employee survey, the evaluation of the two banks draws on an extraordinarily broad basis. The survey shows that the LLB Group is an employer with a very strong corporate culture, fascinating work content, and many opportunities for participation. "The results of the employee surveys are an important basis for us to continue developing our banks as attractive employers of choice," says Bernd Moosmann, Head of Group Human Resources of the LLB Group. "The Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2017 confirms that we are on the right track. I am extraordinarily pleased that our banking group presents itself as a top employer compared with its peer group as well."

The employee surveys used as a basis for the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award have already been carried out for the 17th time by the icommit firm, in an anonymous and standardised format. The award was presented in 2000 for the first time. This year, 120 companies with a total of more than 37'000 employees took part. The Swiss Arbeitgeber Award honours the companies with the best survey results. The focus is on satisfaction, commitment, employer attractiveness, and conditions within the company.

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award

The Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award) helps Swiss and Liechtenstein companies gain important insights about the personal attitudes and views of employees and the current state of their organisational conditions. Every company receives detailed evaluations of the results of the survey as well as information on strengths and weaknesses compared with other companies and within their industry. This measuring instrument is adjusted each year to the newest developments and the current situation of Swiss and Liechtenstein employers, while ensuring comparability with the previous years. More information (in German) is available at: