LLB wins Swiss Annual Report Rating

Vaduz, 19 September 2019. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) has won first place in the overall ranking of the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2019. It competed against 238 companies listed on the Swiss stock exchange and other major companies. According to the expert jury, the LLB Annual Report is exemplary in terms of transparency, clarity, and design.

"Clear and transparent" – LLB Annual Report convinces expert jury

For ten years, the LLB has consistently been among the twelve best reports. Still second place in last year's overall ranking, the LLB was able to beat that mark at the award ceremony in Zurich on Wednesday evening, climbing to the top of the winner's podium. Jury president Hans-Peter Nehmer praised the LLB with the following words: "As the only bank to ever reach the top three in recent years, the LLB has now crowned its steady ascent in reporting."

Praise for transparent information policy

The LLB's award-winning Annual Report 2018 is under the sign of growth. The Greek letter phi, which adorns the title page, represents growth in the golden ratio – symbolism that runs through the entire Annual Report both visually and in terms of content. Ilona Gyöngyösi, who held the laudatio, stressed that the grand jury had chosen the LLB as the overall winner with conviction: "In addition to proper documentation of the figures, an annual report should also clearly and transparently present the business model to the various stakeholders. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank has succeeded in doing this."

According to Bilanz, the Swiss business magazine, it is remarkable that a bank has won the main prize in the rating, given that the regulatory requirements are more extensive than in other sectors, making the reports more difficult to digest. Despite this, the LLB distinguishes itself with clear, unembellished language and "precious little nonsense", as a juror is quoted in the advance copy of the forthcoming issue.

High-calibre expert jury evaluates all major companies

On the basis of a comprehensive catalogue of criteria, about forty specialists in three juries and five categories evaluated the annual reporting of 238 companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Both the printed publications and the online annual reports were analysed in detail. The evaluation of the quality of the content – the value reporting – was carried out under the leadership of the Institute for Banking and Finance of the University of Zurich. The visual design was appraised by a high-calibre design jury under the direction of the Zurich University of the Arts.

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The top three in the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2019

1st place:    Liechtensteinische Landesbank
2nd place:    Geberit
3rd place:     Swisscom

 The winners in the overall ranking of the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2019
The winners in the overall ranking of the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2019 (from left):
Tihana Ibrahimpasic, Online Communications Manager, Geberit; Hans-Peter Nehmer, President of the Grand Jury, Swiss Annual Report Rating 2019; Cyrill Sele, Head Group Corporate Communications & General Secretary, Liechtensteinische Landesbank; and Natalie Hertig, Manager Public Communication, Swisscom