"Very good" – LLB delivers convincing investment and advisory competence

Vaduz, 19 November 2019. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) scored with the top mark of "very good" in the independent comparison of asset managers in German-speaking Europe conducted by the Fuchsbriefe publishing house. It placed sixth overall in the "TOPs 2020" ranking, ahead of all tested banks in Germany and Liechtenstein.

Award ceremony
Award ceremony in Berlin: (from left) Jörg Richter from the Dr. Richter Group, Boris Wistawel, LLB, Head of Private Banking Germany/Austria, and Ralf Vielhaber, Managing Director of Fuchsbriefe Publishing.

Fuchs Report 2019 tested 70 banks and asset managers

The annual Fuchsbriefe test assesses asset managers and banks according to the criteria of advisory consultation, asset strategy, portfolio quality, and transparency – on the basis of anonymously conducted advisory consultations. The most recent test examined whether banks and asset managers offer more value for the client compared to purely digital strategy planning (robo-advisors). The Fuchsbriefe testers found the LLB's services to be "very good", stating: "The LLB combines its many years of tradition in excellent investment and advisory competence with its innovative strength in pioneering digital solutions." The Liechtensteinische Landesbank was more convincing than other banks and asset managers in its use of cutting-edge technologies.

According to the Fuchsbriefe assessment, clients seeking advice at the LLB meet with "young and highly motivated" advisors who are adept at illustrating their topics and offer private banking with flexible ideas tailored to the situation. The client is at the centre of the asset strategy. The LLB was also able to convince the testers with the quality of the portfolios offered – with a "very suitable structure for the client and the client's goals." The overall conclusion: "This year, the LLB is convincing with its instinct and its ability to understand client wishes and to turn them into a concrete proposal. The LLB is playing at the top of its league."

In a first test – the advisory consultation – a total of 70 banks and private asset managers in German-speaking Europe were evaluated. Of these, only 30 qualified for the evaluation of the investment proposal and portfolio quality.  The LLB achieved sixth place in the overall "TOPs 2020" ranking – the highest-ranking bank in Liechtenstein. In the all-time ranking of the best providers since 1992, the LLB has again moved up and is now in 12th place (last year: 17th).

The results of the Fuchs Report were announced on Monday evening, 18 November 2019, at the Private Banking Summit 2019 in Berlin.