Additional device activation for LLB Online Banking

You require both an already activated device and a valid activation letter to activate an additional or new device. If you no longer have an activated device, please contact our Advisory Centre on +423 236 80 80.

Step 1

Log in with your user and password at "E-Banking" > "Log in".

Online Banking

Step 2

After successful login, please click on your name in the upper right corner and then on "My apps". You will see all your registered PhotoTAN devices at a glance.

Online Banking

Step 3

Click on "Activate additional device".

Step 4

Now switch to the new mobile device that you would like to activate or reactivate. Download the LLB PhotoTAN app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge from the official iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Search for "LLB PhotoTAN" in the store. In the LLB PhotoTAN app, tap "Scan activation mosaic" and scan the mosaic from your activation letter. Afterwards follow the instructions (the instructions "Primary device activation" will provide additional help − starting from step 4).