We improve our products frequently. Here you can find detailed information about the updates.

With the new E-Banking version, we are expanding the Self-Service item and are implementing the regulatory requirements relating to cost transparency

The new E-Banking release adds expanded functions to the Self-Service item. Users can now open accounts and custody accounts themselves. A new activation letter can now also be ordered very conveniently. More information is displayed in a clearer way. The release also makes it easier and more convenient to enter standing orders. Under the EU MiFID II Directive, we are implementing cost transparency for stock exchange purchases. Finally, the new E-Banking release also creates the prerequisites for the new foreign exchange (forex) trading function.

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Update prepares the new eBill function

The update prepares the new eBill function.

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The new e-banking version extends specific functions for corporate and intermediary clients, increases security in general thanks to the new password rules, and facilitates clients' self-administration of devices.

With the current version of e-banking, corporate and intermediary clients can create client groups. A new report type is also available for this client segment. For all e-banking clients, self-administration is made easier for devices that have already been activated or that are to be activated. Pie charts offer a clear presentation. Closed accounts or securities accounts are still displayed for up to 90 days after they are closed.

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The new release prepares the new Self Service account and custody account function and increases user-friendliness by incorporating further client requests

The new release prepares the new Self Service account and custody account function. The function will be made available at a later date to be announced. As part of the further development, the printing function has been expanded, the security of Android devices has been increased with the Google SafetyNet check, options for the release of payments have been improved, and the delete function for e-documents has been extended.

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New release implements EU MiFID II Directive for the LLB and increases user-friendliness by implementing further client suggestions

The latest release of our Online Banking implements the EU MiFID II Directive for the LLB. New password policies also increase security. In addition, the filter and search functions for collective bookings have been improved, new options for the display order of accounts and custody accounts have been introduced, and payment delivery now includes the new ISO formats.

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