Tax aspects

We'll help you with your taxes – for clients in Liechtenstein & Switzerland

  • Sustainable optimisation of your tax burden

    Together with our specialists and external partners, we'll be happy to answer your questions – whether they concern your private tax situation or whether you would like to take a closer look at your tax burden. Our advice will also take overarching topics into account such as financial and pension planning, investing, financing, and inheritance – that's how we provide holistic advice.

  • Support in tax matters

    Together, we'll find suitable measures for effective tax planning and optimisation. By including overarching topics such as investing and financing, we are able to provide you with comprehensive advice.

  • Tax report for Switzerland

    Is Switzerland your tax domicile? We provide a clear listing of taxable investment income and assets as well as the withholding tax on your accounts and custody accounts in accordance with Swiss tax law. You can transfer the total amounts directly into the securities statement of your tax return.

We'll help you with your taxes – for international clients

  • General client reports

    In addition to the portfolio statement, we can send you client reports on request that help you complete your tax return. We also take care of the Swiss withholding tax refund on your behalf.

  • Tax report for Germany

    Is Germany your tax domicile? The tax report – specifically for private individuals – provides a clear listing of the investment income relevant for tax purposes and the private sale transactions relating to your accounts and custody accounts. The figures can be transferred directly from our templates into the schedules KAP (capital assets), KAP-INV  (capital assets – investment income), and SO (other income) of your income tax return. We accept requests for this tax report until 9 January of the following year.

  • We offer other country-specific tax reports for Austria, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. We accept requests for these tax reports until 9 January of the following year.