• Lipper Award Europe 2019

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    number one

We don't just want to be good at what we do – we want to be the best. Thanks to our many years of investment expertise, we provide top-quality service for our clients. This has been confirmed several times already this year. Thus, the LLB Group was once again recognised at the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards for its investment expertise. We are especially pleased about one of these awards: the Refinitiv Lipper Group Award in the Overall Small Company category for the best range of funds in Europe. This is the gold medal in the supreme discipline.

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We receive the awards – you receive excellent performance

After several challenging investment years, the LLB Group has now been recognised for the third time in its category for the best range of funds – last year in Switzerland, this year in Germany and in Europe. Refinitiv Lipper attests to the outstanding risk-adjusted performance of the LLB range of funds across all major asset classes.
Moreover, our LLB Equities Dividend Pearls Global (CHF) fund has won first place a total of seven times in the Equity Global Income category for its performance over three and five years, and our LLB Strategy Fixed Income (CHF) fund has won first place three times – not just in German-speaking countries, but also at the European level.
These are only a few of the 44 awards that the LLB Group has received for its investment expertise since 2012.

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The equity, bond, and strategy funds of the LLB Group have accumulated numerous awards. This is especially good evidence of the LLB Group's expertise as a reliable asset manager.

Award-winning investment expertise from a reliable asset manager

Of course, we are proud to have overtaken our competitors with our range of funds and to have been awarded a gold medal at the European level in bonds, equities, and investment target funds. But what do you actually get out of this? It's very simple: You can be certain that your money and your portfolio are in the best hands with us at all times – in award-winning hands.