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We offer flexible mortgages to fit your needs

You can choose from our customised financing options to implement your real estate projects. Whether a functional new building, renovations according to your needs, or property financing: You will always benefit from attractive conditions.

We attach special importance to your real estate financing needs. We offer individualised mortgage models for real estate in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Our wide range of mortgage models is based on interest rates that are either variable or fixed for a specific time period. We employ both models to your advantage. For flexible solutions, we combine different models.

Building loan

With this solution, you pay your equity into a building loan account, which is used to pay current invoices. Each quarter, we charge the contractually agreed interest rate and commissions on the effectively used loan amount. Once the building construction has been successfully completed and all invoices have been paid, we convert the building loan into a mortgage of your choice.

Variable mortgage

This mortgage model relies on a variable interest rate adjusted to the current market situation. Interest payments are made every half-year. This model offers you several advantages. In addition to an unlimited duration, you can always switch to a different model. You also benefit immediately from any reductions in the mortgage interest rate, and you have the option to repay the mortgage flexibly throughout the term of the mortgage.

Fixed-rate mortgage

This mortgage is based on a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the mortgage, which may be between two and ten years. The minimum amount is CHF 100'000. Interest payments are made every half-year. The advantage for you is the consistent calculation of payments because there are no interest rate fluctuations.

Libor mortgage

The interest rate for this solution is based on the 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month CHF Libor rate. This rate is regularly determined for international interbank transactions and is locked in before the start of the agreed fixed-rate period. Interest is paid at the end of the fixed-rate period. The contractual term of this mortgage model is three to five years. The minimum amount is CHF 200'000. This model may be advantageous for you in that you consistently benefit from the market interest rate.

Your benefits

  • Financial security for your real estate projects
  • Individually selectable mortgage model
  • Calculation in advance for fixed interest rates
  • Possible advantages with market interest rates
  • Overview of complete costs and payments