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An award-winning employer

As an employer, the LLB plays in the top league. This is regularly confirmed by certification institutes and independent surveys. Three characteristics make us especially attractive: We offer a wide scope for creative freedom, a friendly and informal corporate culture, and exciting job content.

We are especially proud of two awards:

  • The Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award) 2020 ranks us as a top 10 employer
  • Thanks to our health management, we are recognised as a Friendly Work Space
Bernd Moosmann

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award):

LLB in the top ten
The LLB is again one of the top 10 employers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. At the presentation of the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employee Award) 2020, it received a very good sixth place in the medium-sized company category (250 to 999 employees). Thanks to a record participation rate of 92%, the evaluation of the LLB draws on an extraordinarily broad basis.


Swiss Arbeitgeber Award


Friendly Work Space:

Award-winning health management
The LLB is the first financial service provider in Liechtenstein that can call itself a "Friendly Work Space". This award underscores the LLB's strong and targeted commitment to good and healthy working conditions. With this label, the Health Promotion Switzerland foundation recognises our outstanding occupational health management, which has its finger on the pulse of the needs of our employees and the company.


Friendly Work Space



Family-friendly employer
The "Family Friendly Company Award" of the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein examines and evaluates the commitment of participating companies to the compatibility of work and family life. We are very pleased that the LLB has been awarded a recognition prize in the category "large companies with 251 or more employees".

Family friendliness is an extremely important issue for the LLB. We are delighted to receive the award based on the latest survey. It represents a very good starting point. In the coming years, we will define and implement additional targeted measures to further improve the compatibility of family and career.

Logo Familienfreundliches Unternehmen