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    Participate in price developments over the long term with equities

Your long-term capital investment in equities

Invest in equities over the long term and participate in companies – and benefit from price increases or dividends. Our client advisors are always happy to give you detailed and tailored advice about risks and opportunities.

Securities trading and equity investments are investment opportunities for participating directly in companies. This entails both return opportunities and investment risks. The value of a share is subject to price fluctuations on the market and can therefore rise or fall at any time. The past performance of a share does not guarantee its future performance. Nevertheless, securities such as equities can offer an interesting investment opportunity, especially for long-term investment horizons. This is also true from the point of view of diversifying individual capital investments, preserving price opportunities when companies are first listed on the stock exchange (new issues), and participating in dividends paid by the company.

Our equity model portfolio offers a diversified selection of equities that are updated daily. Please also refer to the brochure "Risks in Securities Trading", which describes important criteria for equity investments. 

Your benefits

  • Diversification options for building up assets
  • Participation in company profits (dividends)
  • Large selection of equities updated daily
  • Long-term investment horizon