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    Saving systematically is now even easier

Your LLB Fund Savings Plan: Systematic investment success

With our LLB Fund Savings Plan, you take control of your own financial future. The sooner you start, the sooner you achieve your personal savings goals – relying on the long-term attractive return opportunities offered by selected LLB funds.

Our LLB Fund Savings Plan offers you the tailored opportunity to build up your assets systematically over the long term, even with small, regular amounts. Starting at just CHF/EUR/USD 50 per month, you can make targeted investments in LLB funds of your choice. You can lay the foundation for future goals, personal dreams, or your private pension and financial planning and the future of your children.

At the same time, our LLB Fund Savings Plan gives you the opportunity to achieve higher returns in the long run than with a traditional savings account – especially given that short-term price fluctuations become less important with a longer-term investment horizon. You can also take greater advantage of the compound interest effect, which benefits your investment and makes your fund savings even more attractive.

Your benefits

  • Individual selection from extensive range of LLB funds
  • Implement your own investment strategy
  • Thanks to our waiver of the sales commission, LLB funds are low-cost
  • Transparent pricing: 50 % discount on custody account fees, issue and redemption commission
  • No minimum fees
  • Professional and active fund management by LLB specialists
  • No required initial deposit and no deposit obligations
  • Times of deposits and term can be chosen freely
  • Convenient and reliable deposits using standing orders
  • Withdrawal and cancellation possible at any time
  • Take advantage of cost averaging (buy fewer units when prices are high, buy more units when prices are low)
  • You can transparently display your LLB Fund Savings Plan at any time using LLB Online / Mobile Banking
  • No issuing commissions for young people with youli or you save

Invest now, benefit in the future – with the Fund Redemption Plan

Once you have reached an investment value of at least CHF/EUR/USD 50'000 with your LLB Fund Savings Plan or have made a corresponding one-time deposit, a Fund Redemption Plan is the ideal complement to your asset planning. You will benefit directly from regular additional income or an additional pension. Just as with a salary or pension payment, you can transfer a regular fixed amount (at least CHF/EUR/USD 50 per month) to your desired account. This amount is generated from the sales proceeds of corresponding fund units in your securities account.