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Personal asset management with LLB Comfort

Do you want to invest your assets professionally without having to spend a lot of time yourself? If you assign us a mandate, our asset management experts will take on this task for you. 

Together with you, we will develop the investment strategy and use it as the basis for your portfolio. Within that structure, we will actively manage your custody account and continuously adjust it to new market conditions. We will also regularly inform you about the performance of your investments in a detailed report. This means you know your assets are in good hands.

Flexible solutions for your portfolio

With our open product architecture, we will create a first-class portfolio for you, providing an ideal combination of our proprietary and third-party products distributed over various asset classes and currencies. You can rest assured that we will make the best possible selection for you.

Your expectations – our performance

We see ourselves not only as your bank, but also as a reliable partner. Together, we will develop a strategy that fits your personal requirements and wishes. We always work in a transparent manner and are here for you to answer your questions.

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LLB Comfort: Stress-free – excellent asset management, continuously optimised

LLB Comfort offers you active and professional management of your assets – tailored fully to your personal situation and needs. Our investment experts analyse and evaluate the financial markets for you continuously, making timely and automatic adjustments to your portfolio according to the current market conditions. Permanent monitoring of your portfolio, broad asset diversification, and detailed reporting give you security. And that gives you time to spend on the things important to you.